About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team of neuroscientists, engineers, health professionals, artists and students working at the intersection of the arts, sciences, engineering, technology, medicine, and education and in developing trans-disciplinary approaches to the study of brain dynamics in action and context, innovation, creativity, aesthetic experiences, emergence of intent and emotional intelligence, emotional buildings and sensing spaces, art therapy, STEAM education, as well as the latest wearable high-definition brain-body technologies to uncover the relations between perception, cognition and action and brain activity across the life span. Our work is funded by NSF, NIH, VA, Mission Connect, Cullen Foundation and others and supported by the biomedical industry.

The Brain on Arts study is funded by the National Science Foundation (#BCS 1533691) and is led by engineering professor Jose Luis Contreras-Vidal — to study connections between the brain and creativity, expression, and the perception of art.